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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Customer Profile : Evelyn


Who are you & where do you live?

I'm Evelyn and I currently live in Taipei, Taiwan. I moved overseas and teach high school biology and chemistry at Taipei American School. 

What are you up to these days?

I'm living the dream – discovering hidden gems in Taipei city and traveling to cultural spots all over Southeast Asia. And, above all, I encourage teenagers to remain curious about the nature of science, consider how modern science has led us to solutions to society's issues (and at times, more questions). It is my hope that students will use science to be make better decisions as future scholars, consumers, and citizens. 

What inspires you?

I'm inspired by those who are passionate and have embodied such a commitment to their craft. A friend of mine just put on her second art show, and while she could have easily ended her 10-hour work day on the couch, she managed to find time, after hours, to paint. On her opening night, she displayed her notebook, filled with doodles and swatches. The corners of the pages were filled with ideas, quotes, magazine clippings that moved her. As I carefully flipped through these pages I was so inspired by her desire to not only teach high school art, but to be an artist herself.   

How would you define your personal style?

Comfortable, understated, casual with a tinge of tomboy.

Vintage or Contemporary?

Vintage. I'm drawn to pieces that possess a story. Lockets that have a monogram engraved, for example. And, by wearing those pieces now… I somehow feel like I get to carry that story forward.

How did you discover Rebekah's jewelry?

I discovered RB when simple window shopping spontaneously turned into an indulgent purchase. I was on a teacher's salary in my early 20s in Chicago and had tossed all reasoning out the window when I walked away with a pair of poppy blossom posts. I was instantly hooked and will confess that I honestly don't really buy jewelry anywhere else now. I've collected several pieces (that's easily an understatement) over the years: when I went back to graduate school in Boston, and even now while I'm living overseas. 

Do you have a favorite piece & why?

My gold Three Flower Ring is my favorite piece. It was one of the first pieces I had ever purchased and it's the one I almost never leave home without. It's feminine, timeless and unlike larger statement pieces it doesn't ever get in the way. Now I wear it with a couple hammered gold band, and I love it even more. 

What keeps you looking good? 

Ha, friends, yoga, and a Friday night cocktail keeps me feeling good… but looking good? Who knows.

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