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Monday, February 29, 2016

Employee Profile : Sara

We're a young company that's like a small family - we work closely & diligently to better each other and our workplace because it feels great to care about what you do and who you do it with! Taking off from our customer profiles this is the first in a series of employee profiles - beginning with our very own regional manager, the lovely Sara..

1) What is your position at Rebekah Brooks, and what is your favorite part of your job?


I am our Regional Manager, which means that I oversee both stores, continue to educate and motivate our employees, and make sure everything runs smoothly. I assist in marketing, inventory selection, merchandising, hiring, social media, design, financials, and future planning. There are too many things that I love about my job to count, so I'll name three. First of all, I love the people I work with. It's really astounding how special each and every person in this company is. We are all incredibly supportive of one another, and I would call every individual my friend. Secondly, I love gemology. I've always had a keen interest in gems and minerals, but after learning so much by working in the field and getting my degree from the GIA alongside Rebekah, that interest has grown even more. There is an unlimited amount of knowledge to obtain! The fact that our Earth has the ability to create these beautiful and unique specimens is a phenomenon that fascinates me. Lastly, I love making people happy. Whether it's going that extra mile to reach out to a special customer when you come across the perfect piece for them, or helping design wedding bands that truly symbolize their commitment to one another - making people happy in that way is not something everyone has the pleasure of doing in their work. 

2) What are you passionate about outside of work? 


I guess you could say I am into extreme sports and music. I play a handful of instruments and enjoy seeing live music. My most recent obsession had been bluegrass. I enjoy any sport that involves being outside, whether it's rock climbing or snowboarding or hiking or wake-boarding, being outside is like my medicine. I enjoy being on a mountain or near a body of water, whatever the season! I am a true New Englander in that sense. Family is also majorly important to me.

3) What is your favorite jewelry era?

I love Art Nouveau. I love the floral and feminine motifs, and the constant reference to nature. I like it because there's a lot less Art Nouveau jewelry out there - it was a shorter era than others and it kind of overlapped with other eras, so it's a more specific style. I like enamel, Alfonse Mucha (an artist of that time) and the laced, delicate detail in Art Nouveau jewelry.

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