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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer Sale!

Friday, July 18, 2014

July Birthstone : Ruby

July's birthstone brings us the deep spark of ruby. The stone was once believed to contain a drop of the earth's blood & stories tell that rubies were self-luminous. Called the 'lamp stone', Hindu priests believed that the homes of the gods were lit by enormous emeralds and rubies and Greek legends told the story of a female stork, who repaid the kindness of Heraclea by bringing her a brilliant ruby so bright that it illuminated Heraclea’s room at night. Here are some of our own luminous creations - our best-selling Ruby Strand with 18k beads alongside our Gem Vine Earrings, here paired beautifully with Garnet & Ruby.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Wedding

There's nothing like a Summer wedding. The world is lush, the air scented with flowers in bloom & (hopefully) the sun is shining. This beautiful bride, a wonderful client of ours, generously sent these pictures of her special day. In addition to making her ring we also made the lovely Silver & Pearl necklace that compliments her dress so nicely. Wishing them a lifetime of health & happiness!

* photos taken by Kelly Dillon Photography | www.kellydillonphoto.com

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rebekah's Jewelry Box

I feel so lucky to have the job of buying the antique jewelry we sell and now and then I just can't part with it. Truly, I've been collecting pieces over the (almost) 20 years I've been a jeweler. Sometimes it's the rarity of a piece that catches my eye, or a style or stone that I've always wanted. Jewelry continues to be an excellent investment so that helps me justify a growing collection, as well as the desire to pass on these incredible examples of timeless design for my kids to enjoy with their own families someday. I plan to unearth more treasures from my collection soon, so stay tuned. Best wishes and Happy Summer! -Rebekah

The above were a Mothers Day gift from my husband. A perfect example of early paste (1880's-turn of the century). The bows actually look like drooping fabric, almost abstract. The paste stones are cut by hand (in this period and before, crystal was often cut to mimic diamonds in quality, and did - see previous posts on paste jewelry history). The rings holding the chain were worn away so we laser welded the natural Victorian coral back in place.


These are a really cool, rare example of antique Gilt, handmade in France sometime circa the 19th century. Gilt is an overlay of Gold (14k in this case) on any metal, typically Silver. These earrings look so good on & I always get compliments whenever & wherever I wear them. To this day I've never seen such unique metalwork and the coral cabochon's compliment it beautifully.

Monday, June 2, 2014

June Birthstone Sale!

Join us this weekend in both locations and receive 15% off all Pearl Jewelry! Get a beautiful gift for all of the June Birthdays in your life.

Welcome to Rebekah Brooks

Rebekah Brooks is a small handmade jewelry company based in Massachusetts. Fulfilling a lifelong interest in adornment, Rebekah started the company out of her loft in Brooklyn in 1998. The jewelry has gone on to sell in over 250 boutiques across the US, Europe & Japan.

In 2004 we relocated from New York City to Massachusetts. In 2007 we opened our flagship retail store in Northampton, Mass. Featuring a complete collection of our jewelry alongside antique finds from the Edwardian, Deco & Georgian periods.

As of September 2012 we've opened our 2nd location at 17 Brattle Street in the heart of Harvard Square, Cambridge. This jewel-box of a shop features an ever-evolving collection of our own handmade jewelry and wedding rings accompanied by an expanded selection of antique pieces. Come visit us!

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